Twin Flame Love

Have you found your Twin Flame? How do you know?

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  1. Yes. Because, I fell in love with my wife before I had even met her. Wecwrote letters…deep meaningful letters…getting to know each other. In a few weeks, though, we met. And, it was like God said to me, “There she is.” She was like someone familiar to me but long forgotten. Like we reunited although we had just met. Our eyes locked and I saw God in her eyes and in her smile. She was love. As I felt our bond stronger, the Light between us grew stronger. Our beam electrified and began to merge. We were growing together…in honesty, authenticity, and love. We push each other to be better, challenge each other to be spiritually strong, and genuinely love each other for the amazingness within each of us. I honor her spirit and she does mine. We are exactly the same yet in opposite ways. And, I am grateful to be sharing the remarkable journey with her. This is how I know I’ve found my Twin Flame.

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